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About Us

Organic and 100% plant ingredients are hand crafted onto finest organic anti-bacterial skin washes

At COCO RIVER ORGANICS we are committed to quality. Many skin products are filled with chemicals that are harmful to humans and to the environment. 

We believe that quality should never be compromised and therefore, we source only premium, organic and 100% plant ingredients.Our mission is to provide purest quality organic products that you can trust.

We created COCO RIVER ORGANICS soaps several years ago when yet another upper respiratory infection and accompanying skin rash would not subside. After being advised by a physician to consider whether fragrances and chemicals in products I was using might be the cause, I decided to use only products which were free of fragrance and chemicals. I found that this was not an easy assignment and eventually sourced my own ingredients. Happily, after several weeks using my own new formulation, I experienced a definite improvement. Around the same time, a couple of friends were having bouts with itchy and red skin. They found wonderful relief with the COCO RIVER ORGANICS formulation and we are all successfully using the soap these several years later. In an effort to share the beneficial qualities of using our organic, chemical free soap with others, we are pleased to be able to offer it through this website.

Not only are we confident our soaps will help with your own path to personal healthfulness, but that by using them, you will also help to have a positive impact on our water, air and soil. If we each do our small part, we can feel joined with others everywhere who are proactive in helping to protect our environment now and for future generations.